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Lori Snyder Jewelry

It never was Lori's vision to have an express jewelry assembly line. Rather her dream was to create uniqueness with her materials and everlasting quality through her attention to detail. Inspired by her late Grammy Charlotte, Lori imprints her personal signature in every piece of art. Lori's energetic touch and precise though is mysteriously transferred directly from her original designs to those who wear them. Her time spent bending, cutting, transforming, and fusing all stem from a passion to create the most detailed works of the hand.

Lori Snyder's Story
Lori entered the industry in 2000. Shortly following she opened her first store, "Charlotte's Beads and Gifts" in Winston-Salem, NC. Set in an old, southern style home this make-your-own jewelry store was funky and eclectic. But it was not fulfilling her dream. Her personal passion for designing and creating beautiful pieces of artwork was buried. She could not fully express herself as an artist. So instead, in 2004 she launched her very own line of handmade jewelry and thus, "Lori Snyder Jewelry" was born.
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